YouTube Easy Rank Checklist

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Over 6 billion hours of video is watched every month over at YouTube. With this, YouTube has become the #1 video sharing website worldwide. Enhance your product or service’s searchability in the Internet with effective YouTube video marketing. You can do it yourself even with little SEO knowledge just by following the 7 easy steps we outlined in the infographic below.

Follow These Steps For Easy Rankings on YouTube

Use this handy checklist to uncover hidden, low competition opportunities for easy top rankings on YouTube

youtube video marketing easy rank checklist

  1. Reseach video keywords. Find low-medium competition keywords that Google already ranks YouTube videos for.
  2. Research true competition. Do “allintitle:keyword” search to see true (title optimized) competition. Here’s a tip: You have an easy rank opportunity for keywords with less than 25 results.
  3. Research total competition. Do an exact match “keyword” search to see the number of competing videos.
  4. Analyze on-page optimization of the top 5 competition. A good competition is one that has no keywords included in the title and description, is an old video, and has low to medium views.
  5. Analyze off-page optimization of the top 5 competition. Good competition is one that has low social signals. Social signals can boost video popularity, views, and engagement which in turn makes an impact on video rankings.
  6. Spot the “Tube Triad” for easy rankings. YouTube loves to give high ranking to new videos. The Tube Triad = Low competition + old videos + high video views.
  7. Repeat the above steps for each of your target videos.

That’s it! Now you know how to spot easy-rank opportunities to get your videos rank 1st on YouTube.

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