Your 12 Step Law Firm Video Marketing Cheat Sheet

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There is no doubt that video marketing nowadays is the best way for companies to promote their business through the internet.

It is absolutely the fastest way for business owners to send their message across their customers, either for branding, leads or for sales.

Needless to say, the world of advertising over the internet has definitely evolved into something far greater than it was before.

That said, more and more people on the internet spend their time watching videos. Videos catch their attention and entertain.

This is certainly why video marketing also became very valuable for professionals like doctors, chiropractors and lawyers.  Video marketing provides a FRACTION of the cost vs paid ads like Pay-Per-Click.  Keyword rich videos that are ranked on Google generates leads or phone calls for specific terms that cost an arm and a leg when advertised on PPC.

We have a tried and tested cheat sheet that we’re willing to share with all of you.  This step-by-step guideline has been created, improved and tested throughout the years. It has been very helpful for our lawyer clients who want to do video marketing and rank for specific terms on Google without burning a hole in their pockets.

In this Article, We Will Be Covering:

  • Knowing your customer avatar
  • How the right keywords could affect your rankings
  • Finding out the right content for your video
  • Figuring out the best concept and storyboard for your firm’s video
  • Shooting your video the right way
  • Why upload your video to YouTube and how to optimize
  • How to rank videos organically
  • Using social media to leverage your rankings
  • Lead generation steps and tips
  • Landing page guidelines and ideas
  • Setting up the right automation for your clients

Knowing Your Customer Avatar for Effective Lawyer Marketing

Before selling a product or service, it is vital to find out who you want to sell to.  You should be able to identify your target audience before you even start to create a video.

  • What are their challenges?
  • What information are they looking for?
  • What are their demographics?
  • How old are they and what is their location?
  • What is their background?
  • What do they want?
  • What are their objections?
  • What are their fears?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What do they like?
  • What are their needs?
  • What are their dreams?
  • What are their favorite books/ websites?
  • What are their hobbies?

lawyer avatar
By correctly addressing who you want to target, you can then determine what type of video you can make, what keywords you can run after, and what type of campaign you can build.

Remember:  It all starts with understanding your audience.  If you don’t know who you want to target or who you want to sell to, your marketing plan won’t be successful.

Lawyer SEO Marketing: Finding the Right Keywords for Your Law Firm

Creating a video and ranking it isn’t as easy as you think.  You cannot just shoot a video and pray that it ranks in Google.   Lawyer SEO marketing starts with the right keyword research, and you cannot just hit or miss.  This stage has to be carefully mapped out.  You have to ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the 2-3 main keywords you want to rank for?
  • What is your location or city?
  • What type of lawyer are you?
  • How many people are actually searching for that term?
  • Who are you up against?
  • How many videos are ranking for that term?
  • How many organic search results are showing?

You have to focus on keywords with low to medium competition and decent monthly searches.  Then, filter the keywords you think are relevant and competitive. Export these keywords into a list.

Review these terms and choose around 5-6 best keywords. Then, check YouTube for the videos ranking for these terms.

Research video keywords and your true competition. Check Google and study your total competition.  Check their on-page and off-page SEO. Remember, you have to outrank them so the goal is to find a GREAT keyword that can get you on page one.

By the end of this process, you have to come up with 3 main terms and 3 tags to use for your video.

Video Marketing for Lawyers: Finding the Right Content for Your Video

video marketing for lawyersNow that you’ve already shortlisted your main keyword terms, you know what your video should be about.  It may be talking about tips on patenting, or personal injury problems.

Whatever topic you come up with, make sure that it is relevant to your keyword terms.

The content of your video should be helpful.  Try to avoid slideshows and text, and it’s best if you’re actually speaking in front of the camera.  Google LOVES content, and that’s what you want to share.  You want people to watch your video.

You don’t want to just rank, but you also want interaction.  You want people to TAKE action.  You want them to call you, or get a free session (whatever you’re offering), but the goal is – you want your viewers to do something after watching your video.

That said, properly plan what your video will be about and think about the best call to action you can use.

Figuring Out the Best Storyboard for Your Law Firm Marketing Strategies

You already have the idea of your video and the goal, great.  Now it’s time to MAP out how you’ll shoot your video.

Creating lawyer videos is easier said than done.   There are a lot of factors that have to be considered not only for making videos, but also video marketing for lawyers.

Like any movie or story, you always have to begin with a storyboard.  From there, you should have a script and the right video production team.   Be prepared to answer all these questions:

  • Who will shoot your video?
  • Will this be done outdoors or in a studio?
  • How long will the video be?
  • Who will be your production crew?
  • Who will edit the video afterwards?
  • What type of video do you want to make?

Shooting Your Video the Right Way for Law Firm Video Marketing

Now that you have your keywords, concept, storyboard and script, it’s time to shoot your video.  Before you begin, make sure to double check the script, the actors, the location and the production team.

If you have everything ready, it’s time to shoot your video.  Before reading your lines, ensure that the script is well written.   Other than that, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the production value high?
  • Does your video production team have high-end equipment?
  • Can the lawyer or actor project very well in front of the camera?
  • Will the lawyer or actor be good in delivering his lines?
  • Will the video be cohesive enough for the viewers to digest?
  • Generally, is the video entertaining and engaging?
  • Can your video marketing team rank your video/s?

YouTube and Attorney Video Marketing

YouTube is the largest and most popular hosting platform. It is also the second largest search engine, outranked only by Google.  It’s free and of course, it’s geared towards entertaining audiences.

This is the go-to platform for all types of users and the best place to upload videos for search engine purposes. Google loves its own, and it obviously loves YouTube!

law firm SEO

By this stage, your video must be done with the post production editing and also the final checks.  It should be approved and ready to go, because it’s already time to build links and rank it!

So, when you’re all set – it’s time to upload it to YouTube!

Here’s where you could use all the keywords that you’ve researched.  Optimize your video well with a keyword-rich description, and your main keywords should be on the title of the video itself.  Remember – the title of your video is the most important because that’s what Google will rank and that’s what your viewers will click.  It is also what Google will see.

Make sure to write a great description about your video.  Make it around 4-5 paragraphs long, and inject some useful tags and keywords in it as well.  Talk about your firm, what your video is about, and add your firm’s URL at the beginning of the description.

lawyer video marketingYour phone number should be visible too, and add a call to action there as well.  If you’d like your viewers to download an ebook or free report, provide the link to that page as well.  If you’d like them to schedule a call with you, link your appointment scheduler within your description box as well.  Remember, your description box can have several links so be sure to maximize this feature.

After uploading your video to YouTube, you can then start building links to it so it would rank.

Law Firm SEO: How to Rank Videos Organically

Black hat SEO is a thing of the past, and everything now is all about content and social signals.  Now that you have your video up and running on YouTube, it’s time to drive links to it.

Write new content and blogs, and embed your video on your website.  After doing so, share the blog link on social media as well.

Try to do some guest blogs on other websites. If you have client sites or other co-workers who have .gov sites, write blogs there and embed your video.  Or, you can also ask colleagues to write the blogs for you and link your video within the blog.  The more content you write, the better, and DO NOT forget to link your YouTube video there as well!

Submit your video to other sharing sites.  There are a ton of sites out there that you can syndicate your video to.  Make sure to make the most out of it.

If you have a law firm marketing team, ask them to create more content for you. Create Google sites, web 2.0 sites like WordPress and Blogger, improve your on page SEO – all while embedding your YouTube video.

Bottom line is: Content marketing is still the best route to rank organically.

Using Social Media to Leverage Your Rankings

Share your video on social media to get more social signals.  Encourage people to comment, like and share your video.  Engagement is the key.

Encourage your friends to share your video so you could get additional social signals.

Respond to comments made on Facebook and on YouTube. If you’re on Twitter, go ahead and share your video there as well!  Remember, the more social sites – the better!

Share your video to your Linkedin network and ask your firm to do the same thing.  Linkedin is a reputable platform for professionals and this could help tremendously with your rankings!

Attorney Marketing Lead Generation Tips

So, you have your video on YouTube and it’s all over social media as well.  You have it on blogs, on Linkedin, on video sharing sites and also on guest blogs. What’s next?

You can also opt to try video ads.  We’re not talking about PPC keywords or that kind of thing.  We’re talking about Facebook ads and using your video as your creative.

You need to have shorter versions of this video.  You need at least 3 kinds:  one main video (around 2-3 minutes long), one 30 second video and one 15 second video.

You need to reupload this to Facebook since you cannot run ads linking to YouTube.  You also need to have a compelling copy for your ad and a clear call to action, so your viewers won’t be confused and they will know what action to take.

Your viewers can opt in, schedule a call, fill out a form or answer a quiz.  It’s really up to you.  Again, the way you structure your ads will matter a lot, so make sure your ad coincides with your creative.

Aside from Facebook ads, you can also try YouTube ads. You can use the actual video upload link itself.  YouTube ads is cheaper than PPC, so you can get more views and bang for your buck.

This is where your customer avatar comes into play. Use your client demographics and target these people from specific interests, locations and hobbies.  This way, you won’t waste your money targeting people who are not within your audience.  You can also optimize your campaign and test different ad sets to be able to determine which audience converts better.

Law Firm Websites: Landing Page Guidelines and Ideas

You already have a website:  good for you!  But did you know that driving traffic to a landing page would be better than sending all your viewers to your website?


A landing page has a clearer and concise way of letting your viewer know what action to take.  It has a simple call to action that does NOT confuse them.

Unlike websites with several buttons or menu bars, a landing page has one goal only:  for your viewer to either schedule a call with you, opt in, download an ebook/ report, fill out a form or answer a quiz.   A landing page will not confuse your client so they will know exactly what action to take and what to do.

lawyer web design

What makes a landing page convert more?

  • A landing page should have several call to action buttons with the same goal/ message
  • It should also have some client testimonials or success stories
  • It should also “talk” to your target audience
  • Your main YouTube video (long version) should be embedded here
  • It should also have social proof
  • Add some icons (as seen on examples) to build credibility
  • It should be mobile friendly
  • Simple and easy to navigate
  • No confusing colors
  • Great copy and content
  • Sleek and modern looking

lawyer SEO marketing

Lawyer Advertising and Your Follow Up Automation Sequence

This is usually the most important step.  After all the work that you’ve done, starting from identifying your avatar to shooting a video, then building links to it and advertising on paid media channels, you should know what to do with the leads when they come in.

Some lawyers get a ton of leads daily – but they end up wasting those leads by NOT following up.

video marketing for lawyersWe cannot stress how vital a follow up sequence is! If a lead clicks on your ad, they become a ‘warm’ lead.  If the lead comes in from Facebook and opts in, or requests for a call – they become a ‘hot’ lead.  Now, since they’re hot, would you just leave them hanging until they forget about you?

Sure, they’ve scheduled a call with you.  But you may not be the only lawyer they’ve gotten in touch with.  If you don’t call them back or if you don’t get in touch with them immediately, they would have the tendency to forget about you.

But being a busy person, it’s almost impossible for you to call them back once they opt in.

So, what is the best solution?


This could save your leads.  This could keep your leads nurtured until you actually give them a call back.

We are not just talking about email nurturing.  We’re also talking about retargeting ads, SMS and also voice mails.

If you don’t have enough budget for retargeting, you can invest your money in a good nurture sequence.

Here’s an ideal follow up system for attorney lead generation campaigns:

Day 0 – Send email immediately

Send SMS immediately thanking them for opting in

Day 1-Send email

Send voice mail introducing your firm and reminding them that they have a call with you

Day 2– Send SMS sharing one of your ebooks, videos, reports or cheat sheets

Send email with the same links

Day 3– Send voice mail reminding them of their upcoming appointment with you

Send email with the same reminder

Day 4– Send email with blog links or client testimonials for social proof

Send SMS and thank them for the call

Day 5– Send email with an educational video or blog link about your specialty (example: How to Patent an Idea, etc)

Send SMS with same link

Day 6– Send email and invite them to join your webinar or future event

Send voice mail and thank them again

The sequence could go on depending on how far away the appointment is.  After the call, you can also add the lead to your subscriber list and send other emails along the way.


Online Marketing for Lawyers: From Videos to Leads

To recap: The process we’ve written above has been proven successful.  After you’ve identified your target audience, with the right keyword terms and good content, you have the perfect recipe to rank your video.

Remember, your video won’t rank by itself.  You need to back it up by sharing on social media, embedding on your website, writing new content, adding it on your landing page, getting more social signals and sharing your video all over the internet.

After you’ve promoted your video, create a sleek, modern landing page with good copy.  Talk to your audience and add social proof on your landing page.  Launch your ads and write a compelling ad copy.  Test different audiences, based on your client avatar.  Use the shorter versions of your videos for Facebook and YouTube ads.


Build a nurture sequence to take care of your leads. Constantly keep in touch with them (but DO NOT spam them) and let them know who you are.  Remind them of what you do and why they should call you.

A good follow up sequence is VERY vital (and we cannot stress how important this is) because you’ll end up wasting all your effort if you do not have an efficient system in place.

Emails should be well written as they will be a representation of you, so be sure to proofread them and double check.  Hire a copywriter if you don’t have the time to write.

We have a tried and tested system on video marketing for lawyers. We would love to share this with you.  We could also walk you through our lawyer case study so you would see the results we’ve gotten.

Schedule a discovery callSchedule a call with us today and find out how we can help you get more leads and calls through video production and advertising today!