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In the world of selling physical products, there are many factors that go into someone actually buying what you have to offer.  When we create a video to help you sell a product on Amazon or your ecommerce store, our biggest considerations are:

  • Entertain
  • Engage
  • Educate

Bottom line, our success hinges on the art of STORY TELLING!

Now this is the part most video companies get wrong because they are not sophisticated marketers.  Depending on where the person is within your sales funnel is how hard you attempt to sell them your product.  In other words, if the viewer has never heard of your company before, it is unlikely they will whip out their wallet to buy your product (unless the price is crazy low or you have exactly what they are looking for in that exact moment).

So offer them a discount code or other incentive in exchange for their email.  Now you have a relationship and over time, the sale will happen if you put marketing automation into effect (most people do NOT because they don’t know how)

To better understand how this video funnel works, download the one-page cheat sheet that show you what should be done within the funnel

With respect to the video above for La Caja China, this was one of the first viral videos produced and the results were “okay.”  We (us and the client) made a bunch of mistakes that could have doubled the sales within the same period of time however, hind sight is 20/20.  Check out the case study were we go into detail of what we did for this client and all the learnings.

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