Grow Your Plumbing Business FAST with Videos (and how to squash competition!)

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It’s absolutely no mystery that folks these days are hooked on viewing online videos. Whether or not these are funny videos, amusing videos or serious educational videos, a lot of people can’t pull themselves off of their computer screens thanks to this kind of digital technology.

Just how could you maximize  video / YouTube in your plumbing or HVAC business?

In case you already know that online video marketing is an excellent tool that can help you increase sales, congratulations. Now, it’s time for you to recognize who you’re up against with regard to local competition.

Video marketing refers to advertising your merchandise and services online using video representation, in your case, plumbing leads for plumbers. This kind of business to business lead generation has lately achieved tremendous popularity resulting from its simplicity and effectiveness.

People are much more drawn to video portrayal and would prefer to see an online video than read articles of any amount. This is why, most companies have turned to video marketing to entice clients in the internet world.

The entire purpose of determining business competitors who are using video is to evaluate what they’re doing and also measure its effectiveness. Based on this data, you will be better prepared to produce and market online videos that will squash your competition.

To start with, check your competitors’ websites to find out if they have videos published there. Most businesses who build online videos post them on their sites as well as video sharing sites like YouTube. If you come across videos on their site, these are generally the rivals you should keep an eye on when planning and producing videos.

Next, basically visit YouTube and type any local keyword term associated with your industry in the search box. If several of your competitors have video clips on YouTube, and they are correctly optimized, they should appear as well.

Additionally look closely at them as you may obtain something as to how their videos are made, what message they’re wishing to express, and the things they did to get high search result rankings.

Don’t stop at YouTube; there are lots of other online video sharing websites that you could look for local competition.

Then, check out your competitors’ social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to discover if they’ve published videos – or links to videos – there.

If that happens, keep these competitors on your radar, too.

Our Solution

Entergage Videos can help you get ahead in this competition through our lead generation videos that helped most of our clients in the plumbing industry land on page 1 of Google and increase their leads! Know more of this on the video below:

Explosive Stats about Video Marketing

  • Video In E-Mails Causes A 200-300% Increase In CTR.
  • After Viewing A Video 64% Of Users Tend To Be More Likely To Buy Your Product Online.
  • 92% of Mobile Phone Viewers Talk about Videos with Others.
  • ⅓ Of All Online Activity Is Used Watching Video.
  • The Everyday User Gets To Spend 16 Minutes Watching Video Ads Online Monthly.
  • Real Estate Property Listings With Videos Obtain 403% More Queries Than Those Without.

If you want to step your game up to grow your plumbing business, schedule a discovery call with us today and let’s get the ball rolling!

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