Jaime is the owner of EnterGage Videos, which is a hybrid Video Production Company & Digital Marketing Agency. He met Tommy, the Chief Video Guy of EnterGage Videos while playing basketball, eight years ago.

Jaime is the father of two amazing boys and husband to his Colombian soul mate. He’s been in love with video marketing and advertising since his teenage years. Jaime studied marketing in university and also did a post-graduate degree in it.

In “real life” he worked in different companies, tasked with marketing cars, fast food, credit cards, clothing, supplements and now different client products and services.

Video Marketing is his passion and particularly the power and influence that video has for customers to educate, promote and sell products and services of any price tag. This is another reason that Jaime started this venture with Tommy as videos and photos in Miami will only become more popular with time.

We work with established agencies, labels and organizations, as well as young talents and startups.