The New Wave of Marketing: How Video Marketing Companies Are Changing The Game

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How many pieces of content do you put out that gets read from beginning to end? If you’re like most business owners, probably not the whole thing. Readers probably skim to find the piece of information they’re looking for and move on. They don’t visit other pages on your site and they certainly don’t consider buying from you.

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Is it poor content? Bad site design? Too many distractions? While all of these can lead to a poor user experience, it’s not usually the reason visitors don’t stay on your site. The bad news is your business won’t grow if people keep leaving your site. The good news? It’s probably an easier fix than you realize.

Remember when the movie “Jaws” came out? If you don’t, it was basically a movie about a shark attacking people on the East Coast. The concept was nothing revolutionary, but how it was presented was flawless. That movie held the key needed to engage your visitors and actually get them to stick around.

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When “Jaws” came out, I instantly fell in love with sharks. I still am to this day. I’d even say obsessed. I’ve even paid good money to swim with sharks. The love of sharks wasn’t by accident. The screenwriters and directors told a story that made it easy to love sharks. The story is what made the movie great. Take the story out and you just have a textbook for a script. How boring would that be?

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Stephen King once said, “If people wanted information, textbooks would be bestsellers.” You’ll never see a single-variable calculus book on the bestseller list. They have their place, but unless you write textbooks for a living, you won’t get many people crazy about you if you relay all your information in textbook form.

“My content doesn’t read like a textbook!”. This may be the literal truth, but think about the typical article you come across online. “X does this because Y and Z interact with Q to produce W.” Yawn. Nobody wants to read through that because it’s not entertaining. You’ll skim through to find the information you’re looking for and move on. End of story.

Now imagine this scenario. Let’s say you run a fitness business. You write an article on the importance of tracking your macronutrient intake. If you write an article just talking what macronutrients are and how they affect your body, you’ll get a few skimmers and that’s about it. Now, what if you explain what they are and why they’re important, but talk about how they took you on a transformational weight loss journey. Which do you think is more likely to be read?

An Emotional Heart Needs a Logical Brain

Once, and only once you’ve established your story, it’s time to lay down the logic. In the selling process, a buyer will use logic-based facts and arguments to convince their emotions that it’s okay to buy. That they are not being led astray. Peppering in different stats and graphs throughout is the perfect way to do this. Let’s go back to our fitness article. Imagine if you’re new to fitness and you just read a story about this coach that used tracking macros to lose weight but didn’t explain anything. You might be wondering, “What are macros? How do I track something I have no idea what it is?” This will leave the reader in the dark and leave them clueless. We don’t want that.

An Emotional Heart Needs a Logical Brain

Mix storytelling and logic together and then create a strong ending. The ending is the most important part, right? Not in this case, but it still holds great power.  Once you’ve told your story, sprinkled in your facts, and summarized your points, you need to end with something memorable. Give people a reason to remember you. If you’re stuck on the ending, try to end on a humorous note. If you’re not that funny, still try to end with something memorable. People will remember you and your story before they remember your product.

Connect With Your Audience

People want to be able to connect and relate. That’s what a story brings. It shows us that we’re not alone. Other people have shared our struggles and are sharing what they’ve learned. Do this will create lasting connections and build trust with your readers. When they trust you, readers turn into buyers.

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You don’t need to be a video marketing company to make this work. This is your recipe to stand out. Don’t be a textbook writer like your competition. Don’t be afraid to use this recipe for other forms of media. It works on more than just articles. You can use it with webinars, live talks, videos, social media posts, etc. Any marketing material you create, you can use this.

We Can Help You Create Viral Videos for Marketing

If you need some help while you develop your story, we know a thing or two about crafting an entertaining story. At EnterGage Videos, we create videos through which we tell compelling and engaging stories. We’re offering digital marketing consulting services that will propel your business to the next level. We know how important and valuable proper content creation is and that’s why we offer several types of videos for several price points.

If you’re ready to connect with your visitors and start converting more readers into buyers, don’t waste another day. Schedule a discovery call with us today and find out your company’s potential.

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