10 Effective Guidelines for Hiring a Video Production Company in Miami

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Miami Video Production CompanyVideo is absolutely the fastest growing advertising tool that anyone can use especially online to enable their company to reach their target niche. Whether it’s for branding or selling, small and large businesses are learning that a viral video is an effective marketing medium for promoting your business when it is well-produced. We’ve seen videos such as the Dollar Shave Club, make an impressive take-off because of their disruptive and catchy viral video.

Video is within reach for any businesses. Of course, production value will be an issue if your budget is limited. However, if your expectations are reasonable there might be a video production company that can work around your budget. Also, if you can’t increase the production value because money is tight, then strengthen your “storytelling”. There is always a way to work around it.

That said, business companies must opt for a viral video production company that will properly execute the video in a sense that the viewers are going to be well-informed of the service or product that the client is offering. On top of that, the video must be catchy and impactful. Your viewers must be entertained and engaged at the same time so that there is a strong chance that they won’t click away.

The goal is to persuade your viewers into watching your video until the end so that they will see your “call-to-action” and let them follow whatever you ask them to do. In many cases, you would want them to visit your website and subscribe or click that landing page link and download a “FREE” e-book or something which we call your “hook”. This is a video marketing strategy that will help you lead your prospected customers into buying or hiring you in the end – but that’s a different story.

In This Article, We Will be Covering:

  • Why video is a fast-rising medium
  • What is the secret formula to make your video go viral
  • 10 reasons why video is the new content of 2018
  • The importance of knowing your purpose & project goals
  • 7 important questions before starting a video project and viral video production steps
  • Reasons for not choosing the right video production agency
  • 10 guidelines before hiring a video production agency

What is the Secret Formula to Make Your Video Go Viral?

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What if you can make a video that will go viral and wow your audience? This can boost your sales and make a loud noise for your company or business. What if you have the secret recipe to put together one perfect viral video? This has been a lifelong dream for most internet marketers and content creators, to bag a formula that will transform their content marketing strategies.

Formulating a viral video is a lot like cooking. Securing a great recipe and having all the key ingredients will make it easier to get things right. However, it isn’t always a guarantee that you’ll succeed the first time. There will be hiccups along the way for the first few times and that is how you will learn and master everything.

Read these tips below and use them as the foundation to create your very own secret recipe.

  • Make it short & sweet – Remember, viewers get easily bored and you only have the first 3 to 5 seconds to persuade people to continue watching. A viewer’s attention span nowadays gets shorter and shorter as there are so many distractions going around social media platforms. You need to earn your viewers’ attention by being unique, brief yet cohesive.  Short videos always work very well because it is justifiable to watch a 60 second inspirational story.

  • Make a coherent message – Having uncomplicated, comprehensive and concise content will always have a greater chance of earning people’s attention. This is proven when it comes to making a landing page or a blog post and most of all when creating a video that you intend to go viral. Remember, before starting, you must define the purpose of your video as early as possible.

  • Establish Value – When making a video make sure that the audience will understand that they will get something out of what you are offering. You should establish value to your product or service. Your viewers must realize what they will miss if they did not take your offer. Establish how you will change people’s lives and let them know what they can benefit from it.

    Experts say that if the video is about “giving” or for “free” it becomes really viral as people would share, like and comment and this will ripple to a lot of communities, groups and other social media platforms eventually. You can probably try to give something free in your video.

  • Use the correct format – Bear in mind that 85% of videos on Facebook is being shown without sound. Be sure that your video has the right format by optimizing it for social sharing to increase that chance of having a viral video. Since 2016 they had 1.09 billion people using mobile phones daily and continuously rising every quarter. In short, create videos that are mobile-optimized to catch people’s attention within the first 3-5 seconds.

  • Create an attention-grabbing thumbnail – Most social media platforms do not support auto-play so you need to create a really catchy thumbnail for you video. Your followers or fans will share your video and the ones that haven’t seen your video will most likely ignore it if you don’t have a persuasive thumbnail. Have something that will make people want to click (i.e. an answer to a certain problem or concern that is totally relatable to your viewers).

  • A solid headline & strong copy – The key is to determine what works for your viewers and tease them with a strong and emotional copy. You need to make your title powerful and it needs to set expectations for your video. Some people are just curious, but some think of how the video would make them feel so you need a powerful headline that would entice your audience to click and watch.

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Why Video is the New Content Marketing

Ten years ago, the digital landscape was a lot more different compared to today. It has changed drastically. People used to surf only using laptops and desktops. Nowadays, many people are using their mobile phones, tablets, watches and other gadgets to browse through the net. There are no boundaries anymore on how people interact through the digital world.

At present, content only becomes successful if it delivers what the customer is expecting. Luckily, it’s not that difficult to keep up with the landscape changing when you invest in the best forms of content i.e. video marketing. Nowadays, video marketing is one of the best online methods that delivers flexibility, value and relevance to the client’s need.

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Read below and understand why video marketing is being called the future of content:

  • It is said that video is projected to claim more than 80% of the entire web traffic by 2019.
  • When adding a video to your marketing e-mails it can bolster click-through rates by 200-300%. 
  • By embedding videos in your landing pages it can increase conversion rates by 80%. 
  • 90% of consumers claim that product videos help them decide in purchasing. 
  • YouTube says that mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year. 
  • 64% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video about it. 
  • Reports say that 64% of digital marketers use video content in their digital marketing strategies. 
  • Experts say that a third of all time people online spend their time watching videos through the internet. 
  • Video ads at present account for more than 35% of all ad spending through the internet. 
  • Studies show that 59% of business owners would opt to watching a video online than to read an article or blog post.

Knowing Your Purpose and Project Goals

Miami Video ProductionsPeople that set goals and plan how to attain it are more likely to be successful than those who don’t. Also, by defining purpose and setting goals you are not easily dismantled when faced by adversities along the way. WHY? Because probably you have protocols and contingencies that you listed before doing so.

In other words, you are organized because you have a purpose. Usually a video production team will ask you these questions and give you helpful recommendations but by performing your own due diligence this will help you in the future.

Before anything else, we need to understand why our product or service exists or how will our product or service help people. Will it be beneficial for everyone? Will it be rewarding to me or my company? These are challenges that a marketer needs to ask himself to better understand the purpose of your project. These other questions listed below will define your purpose. Please take note, read them and ask yourself.

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The 7 Questions You Have to Ask Yourself Before a Project:

  • Why do I need a video for my product/service or company?
  • What is the take away or what will people get from my video?
  • How will my video help people’s lives?
  • How will my video connect with my target audience?
  • What noise am I trying to make out of my video?
  • What do we want our audience to tell their friends?
  • When will our intended audience take action?

Why Do I Always Choose the Wrong Video Production Agency?

Promotional Video Production

We can find a lot of powerful platforms through the internet for creatives, a lot of channels as well particularly for videos, with YouTube being the top. Perhaps you have seen amazing videos all around the internet and maybe it also crossed your mind that it would be great to have something like that for your company or business. The problem is where to find the best video production company.

Business owners know how important videos are in promoting and marketing their products or services.  However, most of them are being held back because of the fear of shelling out a huge amount of money and getting less of what they are expecting in terms of the creative output and quality of the video. In short, company owners don’t usually get what they pay for.

Why is this the case? One reason is that most companies usually follow the same procedure when buying the best and reasonable product. For example, they get 3-4 different quotes from different post-production companies and choose the one that they think has the most appealing offer and the cheapest one.

The downside of this method is it is extremely hard to compare the benefits of what you think is the best product that you will choose VS. the production company that you will opt for only by gauging and comparing their services and prices. Bear in mind that there is always a creative factor involved into this.

Making a video has to be properly planned and executed to have a well-produced and high-quality final output. So, business owners nowadays are somewhat being meticulous in finding the right video production company.

8 tips on video production

10 Powerful Guidelines You Have to Consider Before Hiring a Video Production Company

  • Do you have your goals set for the video that you want? Before starting your manhunt for a promotional video company, you must set or identify your goals first. By doing so, you’ll be able to narrow down the kind of video that you need for your project. 

    For example, what is the purpose of your video? Is it for branding or sales? Are you endorsing your product or your service? Do you need a video with full effects or just a simple explainer video? Does it go with animation? When is your target date to launch?After which, you can now narrow down the video production companies that will be able to work on the kind of video that you will need. It will help you save a lot of time and money.

  • Is this company experienced enough for the specific video? (i.e. sales video, branding video, corporate video, explainer video etc.) As basic as it may sound, you must point out right off the bat to the video production studio whatever it is that you require to accomplish your purpose. So, do not hesitate to demand for some sample videos or demo reels they have in the past with effects, text overlays, graphics etc. 

    Also, when you examine the video agency’s previous work, you’ll be able  to gain more information or understanding of the company’s production and  creative style. Will they be a good fit for the product or service that you are offering? Will they be able to convey your message to the viewers cohesively or will they only be confused?

  • Is the production company affordable? It’s given that most video production services can be very pricey but trust me, it isn’t something that you want to scrimp on especially when you are looking to make a high-quality and unique video that will create noise for whatever you are offering. 

    Asking and haggling for the price of a video production company’s service can make or break your deal. However, this is something that you should find out right away when making your decision.You need to know their ballpark figure when negotiating with the video production business. You must gauge if the company’s fee will fit  within your budget but bear in mind that this shouldn’t be the only reason for choosing them.

    Remember, the best video production agencies can work within your budget and still deliver your desired requirements to make a professional-looking,  informative and captivating video.

  • Are they providing you a detailed written proposal that explains what you are paying for? First things first, clarify, who’s filming? There is a huge price difference between a full production shoot to edit and a post-production package only.

    Are you the one providing the raw footage or does the production house film you and edit the video at the same time? If they will do the shoot, will they be filming in HD (high definition) or SD (standard definition)? Is it a single cam shoot or a 3 cam shoot? Do they have drone cams? How many days will the shoot take? Are they hiring actors and voice over talents that will be included in your video?

    It’s imperative that you ask these questions to ensure that you get what you are paying for. Make sure that everything is written and documented so there will be no confusion or misunderstanding in both parties.

  • Did they ask you who your target audience is and what your goals are for the said video? Of course, when hiring the best creative video agency, you need to consider if the team is also marketing oriented. Are they experienced in sales or do they understand how to sell your product? Will they be able to put together one whole video and deliver your message to your viewers?

    The production team must also be aware of who your target audience is or your avatar to be able to match the theme, feel or flow of the video that will be made. Hence, demographics is a huge factor when targeting your audience because you can take note of the age, gender and location of the audience.

  • Is the production company creative or innovative enough with their ideas? You must take the time to speak with the person in charge. Give them a brief explanation about your product or service and the gist of your message.

    After feeding them this information, ask them on the spot how they will execute the video in a way that people will not stop watching. Instead, they will watch until the end and capture the message while being entertained. In short, creative brainstorming is really needed before proceeding to the next step.

    In connection to that, you may ask them if you can see some of the recent jobs they have done. You can probably ask them to show you their best videos. By doing so, you will see if they can support what they will tell you in terms of video execution. Particularly, the effects, music, sound design, text overlays, graphics and the overall look of the video.

  • What can you say about their customer service? Are they prompt and professional? What was your experience the first time you called their production office? Were you accommodated very well? Did they call you back right away when you left a message in their inbox? Did they listen to all your concerns regarding the video? Did they offer you very helpful recommendations? Did they answer all your questions straight to the point and not beating around the bush?

    I cannot stress how important it is to consider these things because this will be your firsthand basis if the production team you are about to hire is easy to work with or will just be the cause of your headache.

  • Does the success of your project matter to them? Choose a production company that stands by their principles and has integrity. These are the people that are aiming for a long-term working relationship. They seek to retain clients and enjoy repeat projects. Hence, the production team will keep on trying their best to make quality videos to help nurture your business, so you’ll always stick by them.

    Stay away from teams that don’t care anymore after delivering the video/s. Always choose the ones that make follow-up calls to how the project or campaign is doing or would ask you if there is a need for any revisions.

  • What is the timeline of the video project? Along with the price negotiation, you should also ask about the timeline or how long would it take to edit and produce the final video. Most video production teams would probably answer you that would depend on the research, clip lengths, intricacy of effects, transitions and visuals and script or message of the video. That is in fact given.

    However, regardless of all the factors, there still should be an estimated date as to when the video will be finished. So, you may not be provided with a sure date but a timeline must be given. If the video production team cannot give you a rough estimate as to when they can deliver the video, then needless to say that you should start being doubtful.

  • How many times can you revise the video? Be sure to ask and clarify this question at the very early stage of your negotiation. See to it that it’s written so there will be no confusion later. There is no certain rule with the number of revisions you can ask.

    Each video company has their own set of rules when it comes to revising. It is the company’s discretion, and this will also vary depending on the reason you want to revise. Just be sure to keep a concrete agreement beforehand when it comes to this.

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Why People in Miami FL Prefer Our Video Production Services

Like many business owners, when we hire people to service us we want to get value out of our money. We always put ourselves in our client’s shoes. Meaning, if we don’t get what we paid for, then we end up wasting a lot of time, money and resources. So, our goal is to be the best South Florida video production company by making the great videos for your business whether it is big or small.

Our CEO, Jaime Paredes coined the word “EnterGage” meaning, “entertain and engage”.  This is how EnterGageVideos was created. We want to make videos that capture our viewers’ attention by entertaining and engaging them through our disruptive approach. We want to become a video production company that creates amazing looking videos, of all types and budgets that give our clients what they really want — more leads and more sales.

We offer videos that will absolutely stand out among others. We think out of the box and we never run out of creative concepts. On top of that, we make sure to meet the deadline because time is of the essence. We don’t only deliver quality but speed as well.

We create all sorts of videos in 4k and HD format. We edit explainer videos, cartoon / animation videos, lifestyle videos, talking head videos, Hollywood trailer type videos and a lot more!   We can also shoot videos for you as we have videographers in the state, equipped with drones and high definition cameras.

If you need to hire a video production company in Miami-Dade or Broward County to create amazing, well-produced videos, call us at (786) 713-9099 or schedule a call today to speak with our video production specialist at https://meetme.so/EntergageVideos.

Talk to you soon!

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