Why Consider Creative Video Ads For Your Business

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We cannot stress enough the role of online video ads in boosting sales and generating leads. Video ads have totally changed the ballgame when it comes to promoting products and services. That being said, we hope you have realized this and utilized the benefits of video advertising for your business.  If not, you’re being left behind by the competition.

Now that we are in the age of mobile smartphones, the challenge to promote products and services has become more complex. For one, the traditional practices applied for creating video advertisements for television do not apply to mobile. This is where creativity matters! This article will show you how a creative video ad can work wonders for your business.

Creative Video Ads For Your BusinessThe Era of Mobile Smartphones

Facebook IQ, social media giant Facebook’s homegrown consumer and advertising insights page, recently shared convincing facts about the power of the mobile smartphone in this day and age. Here are some startling points to consider:

  • No two mobile phones are the same as smartphone users take time to customize which apps will appear on their homepage. People control what they consume and they can open and exit an app as they please.
  • The average amount of time spent by mobile phone users per mobile content is only 1.7 seconds or lower for younger users. Then again, it only takes 0.25 seconds to generate a significant recall of information among users.
  • 50% of all American adults check their phones up to 30 times a day!
  • There is less distraction and more cognitive engagement when watching videos on mobile phones than on television.

Using a Creative Video Ad in Your Campaigns

All the points stated above are findings from Facebook’s commissioned research and data from advertising insights. As a business owner, you should realize that these results tell an important message when it comes to marketing products and services through video ads.

So what do these mean to you and your business? Allow us to highlight these important implications:

  1. Understand your target audience and produce creative video ads that not only entertain them but also encourage engagement.
  2. Communicate your message early in your video ad. Recognize the power of the thumb. Mobile viewers can easily scroll down to the next video in their feed so you have to catch their attention as early as possible. When it comes to effective video marketing nowadays, it will not matter how long the video is but rather how to keep the viewer glued until the last second.
  3. “Visual-first communication” is the trend today when it comes to mobile video advertising. This simply means that a video that makes sense even without audio is preferred by more online video viewers.
  4. A social media feed is not like television where it is limited to a single asset. Stories in social media feeds can be presented in different formats. For example, on Facebook, have your creative team produce a video ad, a carousel ad, and display ads to maximize your product’s or your service’s exposure.
  5. Create versatile quality video ads that will easily perform well in all mobile platforms. Understand that video ads are perceived differently by viewers depending on the platform. For instance, Facebook users aim to connect with friends and gain recognition while Instagram users view more for relaxation and to discover new content.

Focus On Your Business and Let Us Produce a Creative Video Ad for You

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