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How to Write a Captivating Script for Your Next Business Video

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What makes a great promotional business video? The video quality is obviously important, but one aspect is often gets overlooked. Can you guess what? Yes, the video script!

Your business video script leads your viewer through a journey that ends up with you as the answer to their problems.


The Psychology Behind A Great Video Script

The best business video marketing script can be broken down into an easy-to-follow 15-step formula. We made it simpler for you with this cool infographic.

business video script writing

  1. Start your business video script with a “Yes” qualifier question. For example, ask “Do you struggle with X?” Doing this will help you to easily identify who your prospects are – the ones that answer “Yes!”
  2. Tell your viewers what they will gain from watching your video. Let them know why they should continue watching your video until the last minute.
  3. Start to tease by hinting at a solution. This technique is also known as the Open Loop. For instance, you can write “I found this incredible way to fix X, but before I tell you that, I want to tell you about Y.” Works like a charm every time!
  4. Make your script relatable. Build trust and credibility faster by telling your audience that you’ve been through the same experience in the past and have found a solution.
  5. Promise your audience that your solution will be the answer to their problems. Promise that you will do your very best to help them.
  6. Throw a curveball that will serve as a pattern interrupt your business video. This is important to make them stop in their tracks and understand what you are trying to tell them. Humor and storytelling, for instance, help keep them engaged.
  7. Remind them of the pain they are currently experiencing. Then, show them a scenario where your product will become beneficial in their lives.
  8. Engage your audience. Ask a personal question like you would when you’re personally conversing with friends. This will make them stay glued until the very end.
  9. Start talking about your solution. Tell them what it does, how it works, and what the features are.
  10. Insert another pattern interrupt by using a shocking worst case scenario. This will drive home the pain they are experiencing.
  11. Firmly and confidently recommend your product. State that it is the number 1 solution to their problems.
  12. Turn the features of your product into benefits. Paint a picture with your words. Tell them how their lives will change with your offered solution.
  13. Don’t forget to instruct your viewers to subscribe to your channel and like or comment on your video. You’ll get more views with fewer efforts.
  14. Tell them what you want them to do. They won’t do it automatically. Some examples are downloading your free e-book or scheduling a call.
  15. Always, always put in your website plug as a call-to-action. This will let buyers know more about your product before finally buying from you.

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