12 Touches To Close A Deal

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Are your warm leads dropping out of your lead to sales funnel sooner than you have imagined? There is only one reason for this – they are not receiving touches from you that’s enough to convert them to sales-ready leads.


Prospects Need at Least 12 Touches To Be Converted

Microsoft conducted a study that proved that you need 12 touches to close a deal. We summed these all up in this infographic below:

12 touches to close a deal infographic

  • 1st Touch – You send your initial email campaign to your prospect. At this point, 50% of salespeople have given up.
  • 2nd Touch – You send an initial direct mail campaign. At this point, 85% of salespeople have given up. –
  • 3rd Touch – You call your prospect. If he is not there, you leave a message. At this point, 79% of salespeople have already given up.
  • 4th Touch – You send an email follow-up. While 89% of salespeople have already given up at this point, you start to harvest low-hanging fruit.
  • 5th Touch – You call again but your prospect is not involved in any way and refers you to the correct contact instead. Just now, you are becoming a factor in your prospect’s mind. By nurturing slowly, your prospect gets to know you better.
  • 6th Touch – You start over. You call the referred person and, if he’s not around, you leave a voice message.
  • 7th Touch – You send an email follow-up. By this time you are earning top of mind awareness.
  • 8th Touch – You call after receiving no inbound response. Your prospect might not be available but he schedules another time. You are probably the only person to make eight touches with this person.
  • 9th Touch – You send an email follow-up to confirm the day and time of your conference call with the prospect. From this point, when your prospect is ready to buy, you will have a 90% chance of being called.
  • 10th Touch – The conference call is finally held. Your prospect is interested but wants information on some aspects of your product/service.
  • 11th Touch – You send the information your prospect wants. You can email case studies, webinars, or other middle-of-funnel information related to the product.
  • 12th Touch – You now have a more engaging talk with your prospect. He now shares his pains and needs, gives you access to their budget, authority, need, and timeframe (BANT) data. At this point, your prospect is now sales-ready!


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